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6 Steps To Make Money Online

The best way to make money online fast

6 Steps To Make Money Online

So you’re new to the Internet, or maybe are not that new, and want to see if you can finally make some money online? Well, join the club!

In spite of all the hoopla, there are 6 relatively easy steps to making some decent money online if you follow these steps:

1. Find a Niche/Market

Sell Stock Photos Online 6 Steps To Make Money Online

The very first step to make money online is to Find a Niche, or Market, you are passionate about.Generally speaking you will tend to do well with something you love and know. Once you find your passion, do research to see if it is a profitable market. By that I mean, keyword research. The idea is to find out if people are already searching for that keyword term on the Internet. If they are not, then you will not make any money even if it’s something you love!. Read more

2. Get a Domain for Your Site

org1 6 Steps To Make Money Online

Once you find a niche, or market, you want to go after and find it is profitable by conducting keyword research, then it’s time to get a domain name. That is the address of your site on the Internet. For example, or It is always best to try to get a domain name that is as close to the keyword you chose. This way you will get more traffic. Once you buy the domain name, it needs to reside somewhere on the Internet. So you will also need to find hosting. Sounds complicated, right? Not really. Read more


3. Build a Web Site

Sponsored Tweets 6 Steps To Make Money Online

Once you have a domain and hosting, it’s time to build your web site. Being that I am not a web designer, and I am assuming you aren’t either, we need to either find a web designer, or a software that can help us with that daunting task. Find the easiest way to build your site Read more



4. Get Content

 6 Steps To Make Money Online

Once you have the web site, it’s time to develop some content for your site based upon the money making keywords you chose earlier. You have two choices here. Either you write a roughly 500 word article yourself, or you contract it out. Hmmmm… am I a good writer would be a great question to ask yourself just about now. What might some of my other options be…..?? Read more


5. Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO 300x300 6 Steps To Make Money Online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is amongst the most popular and effective ways of marketing on the Internet but also one of the most challenging. One of the primary factors that influences the success of online SEO is the keyword and key phrases used, as well as the meta tags on the pages. Other factors that influence SEO are link building to other pages. Read more


6. Monetize Your Site (Selling Affiliate Products)

 6 Steps To Make Money Online

Now that you have a web site with content built around a profitable niche and keywords, you are finally ready to monetize your site, or in other words, make money from your site. You have various options here. Either you can develop a product yourself and build a site around it, or place ads on your site for products that other people own and make commissions on these sales. This is called selling affiliate products and is by far the easiest way to make money. Read all the tips on how to do it here. Read more

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